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25 MINUTES IN THE FUTURE: New American Science Fiction.

For more than 30 years, I have been talking about science fiction (among many other things) with Bernardo Fernández BEF. Together, we organized this anthology that brings together the stories from the gringo-Canadian CF that we liked the most during the period 1985-2013, and with a team of friends, we translated them into Mexican. The final product is a sample of one of the most interesting genres of the turn of the millennium, where science fiction has proven to be a key tool to survive this increasingly strange reality.

"There is no better way to deal with the present than to talk about the future: such is the motto of Science Fiction. Born in the English language during the 19th century, the CF story has evolved with the rhythm of the times, and today more than ever It seems hell-bent on delivering remarkable results, taking risks, and coming up with innovative ideas.
This anthology, prepared by Pepe Rojo and Bef, brings together authors whose work is practically unknown in Mexico, either because it has never been translated into Spanish or because it has scarcely circulated: Greg Bear, Joe R. Lansdale, Don Webb, Ted Chiang, Catherynne M. Valente, Terry Bisoon, Cory Doctorow, Lucius Shepard, Connie Willis, Nancy Kress, Chris N. Brown, Kij Johnson, Ken Liu, George Saunders, Will Clarke, Charlie Jane Anders, Paolo Bacigalupi, Paul Di Filippo, Eileen Gunn, John Kessel, Christopher Rowe, Jeff VanderMeer, Rudy Rucker, Margaret Atwood, and Bruce Sterling.
The anthologists propose a review of the mutations that the genus has undergone during the last thirty years, in the language that gave birth to it, in the north of the American continent. It is about renewing the references of contemporary Anglo-Saxon speculative literature among Mexican readers. To bridge the dreams and nightmares that come to us from the future, that place around the corner. "


Good luck finding it!

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