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After 23 years of not studying formally, I enrolled in the Creative Writing MFA at UCSD and then to a Ph.D. in Communication, in which I am a candidate, doing experimental research on the relationship between media, matter and metaphor. My first case is the underground animator Bruce Bickford, who worked with Frank Zappa in the seventies and who died in 2019 and of whom I leave a video here . My second case is science fiction (and the modality that unites it with the other speculative genres: the metaphor in the real) and the third, a mash-up between the border wall and the Tierra y Libertad project.

In addition, I have been teaching for 27 years, at different high education institutions, in Mexico and the USA.


“Following Flags: Experimental Mass Production in the Borderlands” (with Grant Leuning). Comunicazioni Sociali: Arts Based Research in Communication and Media Studies. Edited by Nico Carpentier and Johana Sumiala. VP, Italia. January-March 2021.

"Insurgency, semio-capitalism and the imagination: 2015 notes around Franco Berardi's 'The Uprising'" . Espiral 69. Mexico, October 2019.

"The Noise, the Count, the Bodies: Ranciere's politics." Espiral 67. Mexico, June 2018.

"Experimentalism as Estrangement: Cafe Tacuba’s Revés/Yosoy” (with Alejandro Madrid). Experimentalism in Practice: Music Perspectives from Latin America. Editors: Ana Alonso-Minutti, Eduardo Herrera, Alejandro Madrid. Oxford University Press, January, 2018.

"Paranoid Nightmares of a Fugitive Reality: Mind MGMT." Brumal: Research Journal for the Fantastic. Vol. 5.1. Spain. Spring 2017.

"Desperately Looking for Others ." LARB. May, 2016.

"Border Technologies: Feeling a little post-mexican today?". Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas. Editors: Mark Dery and Nahief Yehya. Routledge, May 2015.

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