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Gray Noise is a science fiction story that won the Kalpa Prize in 1996, just re-published by the FCE. It is the story of a guy who has a camera implanted in his eye to work as an ocular reporter.

I nte rrupciones is a bizarre collection of short stories and essays and everything in between, with hopes that in the end you won't know the difference. NortEstación published it in 2010.

Although Yonke, an anthology of horror and science fiction stories, was published by Times Editors in 1998, it is now published by Pellejo and available on Amazon.

Punto Cero is my only novel, published by Times Editores in 2001, with a second edition by Resistencia in 2012, about a group of friends whose lives are radically altered by their use of media. Media realism mash-up.

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25 Minutes in the Future is a collection co-edited with Bernardo Fernández BEF of our 25 favourite gringo-Canadian science fiction stories from the last 25 years (it was published by Almadia in 2014).

Forensic Love: Birds in Shorts City is a bilingual collection of experimental texts produced in the Creative Writing MFA at UCSD between 2013 and 2015.

The minibúk collections were published by the UABC in 2010 and 2011. Both consist of 9 pocket-sized books that were distributed free of charge. The first, Science fiction made in Mexico , brings together more than 20 stories of the genre, while the second, Counterversions , compiles texts that we thought were urgent, but that did not appear in any syllabus.

In the 90s, and with different creative teams, I edited the fanzine Sub , dedicated to "subgenres of underground subliterature" and Number X , dedicated to "media culture".


Here, you'll be able to find some of my texts published online.

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