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Punto Cero tells the story of four friends, Andrea, a publicist whose ads come true, and her twin sister Lucy, who gets up in the middle of the night and cannot recognise herself in the mirror, Mauricio, who works the night shift at a drugstore and samples medication forf un, and Ray, who, upon arriving at his new apartment, watches his kidnapping on television and decides to follow the news of his whereabouts on the screen. They are joined by Cindy, an inflatable doll.

In this novel, halfway between television and social media, I tried to use the idiot box, the glass teat, as a creative element. Every time I got stuck, I turned on the TV and changed the channels until I found a phrase that I liked and restarted writing using it.

"Five gazes. Four that see nothing and one that sees everything.

Click ... news on the kidnapping of Raymundo Domínguez, today his relatives heard about their son again, they received his left hand by mail! ... Click ... the abuse in the consumption of this product can be harmful for your health... Click ... Mauricio continued on his way, carrying the weight of the world between his legs ... Click ... a new experience ... Click ... offers his best smile and pushes the cart after the dancers who go around the cart while the prices of the products that Andrea is taking fall ... Click ... for those who dare ... Click...tired? depressed? anxious? ... Click ... and every morning I found a sign painted with red lipstick on the mirror: My name is Lucy ... Click ... kidnapped by mail ... Click ... unconsciousness ... Click ... show ... Click ...

we'll be right back ... Click

A novel.

To get a copy of Punto Cero, write to Editorial Resistencia .

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