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Deshuesaderos is a collection of texts that pass from crónicas to experimental autobiography and experiential fictions, united by the fact that the writer appears as such in all the pieces. It is also an account of the different types of violence and madness that flow through our lives, and of ways to deal with them . Deshuesaderos is a book-object, designed and printed with color photographs. It was published by Ediciones Periféricas in July 2022.

"The book you hold in your hands begins very formally like a book of crónicas that suddenly degenerates into weird memoir and barely evades a clash with fiction. It stumbles joyfully after the encounter and picks up the pace to finish with experimental dignity. It travels to several places and at least a couple of countries. And two decades. But it finds borders everywhere.  These confusions are also photographed, an unadulterated record of that strange thing we call reality, the one that sometimes hurts, but sometimes feels really good. 

Dear reader, we want to do things to your eyes. "

You can get the book through Ediciones Periféricas or the author.

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