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Forensic Love: Birds in Shorts City is a bilingual anthology that brings together the work of students at UCSD's Cross-Genre Writing MFA and the various strategies with which three generations approached  (and experimented with) writing. In terms of design, it is my favourite book, thanks to  Careli Rojo.

The video of the presentation at the Tijuana Mamut (via Carlos Matsuo) can be seen here .

List of collaborators:

Kendall Grady, Kim Schreiber, Keith McCleary, Frank Ken Saragosa, Maria Flaccavento, Marco Antonio Huerta, Nicolee Kuester, Nate McDonald, Paola Capó-García, Patricia Torres Maciel, Sarah Ciston, Tina Hyland, Aurelio Meza, April Peletta, Brett Zehner, Estela Mendoza Pérez, Ethan Sparks, Gidi Loza, Grant Leuning, Hanna Tawater, JMBaker, José Antonio Villaran, Julio Ortiz, Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi.

"Each year, the entity known as UCSD transplants a set of bodies inhabited by the English language to the city of San Diego. Several of these bodies, approximately half a dozen, are moved around with the sole intention of enabling them to write. Besides dealing with their assigned names, the communities they have lived through, their acquired prejudices, and the vices they've grown accustomed to, they also have to deal with writing, that strange act of imposing linguistic signs to a blank page. These bodies dedicate their time to writing under the methodology and supervision of an MFA Program that tries to push them toward experimental, or cross-genre writing. After being subsumed in this process during two to three years, these bodies are then released and leave San Diego. This book is a sample of the variety of writing generated by these bodies in the borderland between the entities called the USA and Mexico during 2012-2014."

The book is available here .

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