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i nte rrupciones

Interrupciones is an anthology of stories and essays that travel the space between both, or that go elsewhere. They range from instructions to kill Paty Chapoy, to love letters to Hello Kitty, and back to Disneyland.

The book was published by NortEstación in 2010, and a couple of years later Malaletra published it electronically.


INGREDIENTS: This product consists mainly and tentatively of eight stories, nine articles-essays (without bibliographic notation accepted by any current regulation) and at least four texts of debatable genre. Inside you will find girls with beards, presidents' tumorous growths, manuals on how to disappear completely (SEGOB permission 445666), and tips to overcome monotony.

"APPROXIMATE READING TIME: Four hours, seventeen minutes and some seconds (according to the national average reading index). (CAUTION: Reading time can drastically decrease if you read more than one book a year).

EXPIRATION DATE: Consume before 2012.

Thank you for choosing our product!

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The electronic version can be obtained through Malaletra Libros and Amazon Kindle.

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