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Between 2009 and 2010, the UABC Workshop (e) Media published two editions of minibúks. For the second "season", we began to name the method that we followed "guerrilla publication": to do all the work of editing, design, translation and printing of nine minibúks in just four months, to avoid any type of censorship or doubts that the administration could have and exercise.

The point was to use the university as a critical space where different things could happen. The emphasis was on distributing the minibus by hand, avoiding electronic media, to promote personal contacts and throw these strange artifacts in a strange city that was going through difficult times, because fear was the natural response to the violence that made you so distrustful of policemen as narcos, because there was no real difference between them.

Season 2 was entitled CONTRAVERSIONS because it grouped writings that we thought were really important but were not discussed in classrooms, writings that had more to do with living than thinking. Writings that moved us, and that were useful.

We decided to dedicate each of the nine minibúks to a different discipline and go from there. No authors on the cover, just ideas, with photographs at a scale of 1: 1 with reality. At the design level, instead of throwing texts next to each other, we decided to create narratives with phrases and images stolen from here and there: editing this minibus season was more like mixing music, making rhythmic transitions between the elements to create an object. unique, and not just a collection of texts from authors.

Thus the Contraversions, and in this order: anthropology, ontological anarchy, architecture / urbanism, media and arts, psychology, political philosophy, economics, Tijuana philosophy and student writings.

A digital edition of Season 2 of the minibus will be released soon.

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