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If I were a rock band, Ruido Gris would be my 90s hit that some people remember. Until now, it has been translated into English, Italian, and if everything work out well, it will soon be available in Chinese. Something about body machine integration and connectibility to global communication networks continues to keep the story, now almost three decades old, alive and well.

"In Gray noise (winner of the Kalpa Prize 1996) Pepe Rojo creates a dystopia where technology and permanent exposure to mass media dominate the world. In this fictional society, a young reporter decides to become a biotechnological being, like a living camera at the service of a television station. With the voice of the anonymous reporter, Rojo questions the constant monitoring to which we are subjected and the role of both the communicator and the spectator as just another component of a great surveillance and spectacle machine. "

You can get the edition of the Fondo de Cultura Económica (with illustrations by BEF) here.

And here is an e-pub in English, edited by Future Fiction.

A new edition, from 2020 and with illustrations by Bernardo Fernández BEF, can be obtained, in atoms and bits, through the Fondo de Cultura Económica .

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