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The links on this page can lead you to different texts that I have published on various internet sites. There is a bit of everything, from stories (like "Stuff") to chronicles (like "La basura es un punto de vista") through experiments ("Disintegreetings") and essays ("Desperately Looking for Others"), both in English and in Spanish.

For about a decade, I have visited Fernando Miranda, who, without a steady job and collecting things from the street, managed to build a four-story tower in the Valle Verde neighborhood of Tijuana. Fernando is probably the most peculiar friend I have, half a vagabond, half a philosopher and half an artist, and I try to tell his story in "La basura es un punto de vista ."

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"Tres ciudades ficticias y una real." Léeme 2020.

"Shoot" . LALT, 2018.

"Disintegreetings" . Reckoning 2. December, 2018.

"Paranoid Nightmares of a Fugitive Reality: Mind MGMT ." Entropy. February, 2017.

"Piss Cameron: a Review" . Entropy. October, 2016.

"Desperately Looking for Others ." LARB. May, 2016.

"Stuff" . Flurb 11. Publisher: Eileen Gunn. Spring 2011.

"Cosas" . Flurb 11. Publisher: Eileen Gunn. Spring 2011.

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