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"You can see the future from here " is a program of 8 blocks of interventions using science fiction as a device that a total of 200 collaborators, mostly UABC students organised around the Taller(e)Media, carried out at the San Ysidro Border Crossing from March 3rd to  April 1st 2011. “You can see the future from here” was a transmedia and performative experiment of collective imagination that tried to use the near future as a tool to analyse, through acts, both our reality and our future.

For two months, the participants met every Thursday at the border crosswalk to carry out the interventions. In its first phase, in addition to public readings, bookmarks with information about the near future, mini-fictions and postcards of the future were distributed free of charge. Engineering students brought combat robots. Theatre students performed in front of the people who are waiting in line to cross into the US ( Bio (mechanical) video ). A procession was held in honor of Santa Ste-La, whom you pray to in the future to help you out with tech-related misfortunes. Prayers were distributed and an altar was set up. A post-dated 2043 newspaper was printed and distributed with the headline saying "The line is closed." A tianguis was set up in which artists brought objects from the future to exchange them through a currency that only existed for several hours. The Tijuana Liberation Front was created to imagine, through posters, the radical social demands that will be asked for in the future.

To close the program, a series of talks with Mexican and US writers were held right there on the border line. We were visited by Bernardo Fernández “Bef”, Gerardo Horacio Porcayo, Miguel Ángel Fernández, Gabriel Trujillo, Chris Brown and Bruce Sterling.

For two months, two hundred participants collectively invented and destroyed possible futures, taking advantage of an area characterised by the transition between realities.

It was borderline crazy.

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