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Of course, there are no moral lessons of the coronavirus do not exist. COVID-19 is a virus: it has no morals. We don't even know if it's dead or alive or in some strange state in between. In more ways than one, it is almost impossible to distinguish between infodemia and pandemia. During the first months of the confinement, when fear and insecurity were higher, I decided to record the opinions that I found on the internet, using images from a collection of comics that I was able to take out of boxes, to publish them on social networks. The complete collection is 45 Lessons Morales, and here is a sample.

Gipi, La tierra de los hijos, 2016.

Gipi, The Land of the Children, 2016.

10 no se toquen no se besen bueno prueba
17 breathe free web.jpg

Statue of Liberty with a mask: 3M advertisement, 1982.

Guys with assault rifles in Michigan:

Defy Martial Law sign, taken from the video “USA: Militia leader offers to defend worshipers who gather despite stay-at-home orders”:

Photos taken from Facebook and Twitter.

23 morir por la economia web.jpg

Craig Thompson's Habibi, 2011. Jinx 2, Brian Michael Bendis, 1997.


All the speech bubbles are taken from different issues of Cerebus, Dave Sim and Gerhard.


Main illustration taken from “What Parsifal saw” by Ron Regé, Jr., 2017.

The other illustrations are taken from Habibi (Craig Thompson, 2011), Pure Trance (Junko Mizuno, 2005) and Cerebus # 269 (Dave Sim, 2001).


Drawing taken from "The Veiled Prophet 2" by David B., 2000.


The cop is from Channel Zero: Jenny One, From Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan (2003).

The crowd is from Bernie Mireault's The Jam # 5 (1992)

15 frontera web.jpg

Images taken from Charles Burns: Black Hole (1995-2005), Scream (no date) and Teen Plague (1989).

38 trabajar todos web.jpg

Illustration from "The Last Train" by Shigeru Tamura, 1994.

33 estamos hartos.jpg
32 sintomas web.jpg

Image taken from Punctures by Shintaro Kago, 1999.

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