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"You don't exist", a project co-directed by Deyanira Torres and supported by Editorial Pellejo/Molleja's work team, consisted mainly of pasting, from 2001 to 2005, more than 9,000 posters on the streets of 8 Mexican cities and distributing more than 15,000 stickers with our simple message: " Tú no existes". The phrase encompassed two edges, on the one hand it described the control of behaviours, thoughts and desires to which we are subjected through all the messages we see daily (more than 15,000 per day, in a large city), but on the other hand, You do not exist is a liberating message, that allows side-stepping all the impositions on the way we live this life, and that include both individuality and labour.

The posters traveled throughout Mexico thanks to our collaborators (and one even crossed the US border in Tijuana, driven by the wind). In addition to an exhibition at the Ex-Teresa, an intervention was also carried out in a shopping center in Coatepec, Veracruz, in collaboration with Subte. An interactive record was programmed with all the documentation and several animations that, due to the frantic change of hardware since 2003, only exists in an old computer, although we are looking for a way to rescue it. In 2005, and adding student collaborations to the original designs through a public call, UNAM and ENAP Xochimilco were also intervened.

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